Office noise distracts more than 65% of employees

Jess Shanahan
- Leadership - Dec 15, 2015

It’s a well-known fact that offices can provide a whole host of distractions but it’s actually noise that brings productivity down the most. Women (67%), it seems, are more likely to be distracted by noise than men (65%) but it’s the over 55s (75%) who claim they are most productive in a quiet, calm office.

It’s not just the over 55s who struggle with office noise as 60% of under 25s revealed that they get distracted by disruptions in the office too.

Respondents to Office Reality’s survey said that there are plenty of benefits to a quiet, calm office as well as increased productivity. They said a calm office gives a good impression to visitors and boosts team morale.

Another element that boosts productivity in a shared office is a light, bright, spacious working area with ergonomic furniture.

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Mark Thompson    Nov 14, 2018
Probably helps if I link to our website so you can see some of the portable screens. Many can be printed with acoustic fabric.

Printdesigns - Banner Stands

Mark Thompson    Nov 14, 2018
You could consider having office partitions printed. We produce lots of graphics onto acoustic fabric that is idea for use in office spaces. Another thing we have done a lot is to use such acoustic-dampening fabric on portable display stands such as roller banners. If means you can have portable partitions to reduce ambient noise that can be moved around as and when required. Best regards, Mark
Go Displays    Aug 02, 2016
Another way of reducing ambient noise, without compromising light, is by using glazed office screensglazed office screens. The Office Screens combine either frosted or clear Perspex with acoustically tested foam and can be customised if you would like more light to flow through. Another factor to consider when thinking about productivity is room temperature. Warmer rooms actually make people more productive.
Ryan Legge    Apr 28, 2016
One way to help reduce the noise pollution in the workplace is to use office partition screens which are available from many providers including XL Displays. Additionally, they create more privacy for your employees, meaning less distractions therefore a more productive team. It's important not to forget the atmosphere of an office does make a big impact on the productivity of your staff. For example, I remember reading an article about how the colours of office walls can influence productivity as well!