UK entrepreneur is taking on a forgotten market to heighten dementia awareness

Nell Walker
- Leadership - Jan 05, 2016

James Ashwell, the young founder of, hopes to change the way people think about dementia by highlighting just how little we know about the condition – and providing a solution. is an online marketplace and support network created for the 850,000 people in the UK affected by dementia. Ashwell has been developing the concept since caring for his mother, who suffered with the illness for seven years, and having to learn the hard way that knowledgeable support can be sparse.

Ashwell said of this experience: “Looking back at when we cared for our mum it was a journey into the unknown, we didn’t know what to expect or where to start, but gradually we discovered advice and products that made a big difference to her – and our – quality of life.”

The site itself is filled with advice from experts, blog posts, diaries, personal stories, and forums, as well as a shop for innovative, practical products. This includes wearable GPS trackers, alerts systems for remote care, games for brain health, time orientation devices, and many other helpful items for making life a little easier.

Initial funding was provided to Ashwell from the charitable arm of Bridges Ventures, and the company now has £2 million behind it with a further £5 million to come. 

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