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Teodosia Lloyd
- Leadership - Jan 26, 2016

I have always known I wanted to pursue my passion for design and open my own boutique. I had often discussed this with my spouse David (Lloyd, Founder of the David Lloyd Leisure Group) and he always encouraged me to follow my dreams. When we decided to go into business together, I was definitely nervous at the start despite having previous experience with running a fashion boutique, however David’s very good at encouraging me and supporting my decisions.

We have a daily routine which enables us to each have our own responsibilities across work and our personal life, and we try to maintain it as best we can. An average day for me would be managing the business, and working alongside my design team on upcoming collections. I am constantly working to improve the business, by researching suppliers and looking for inspiration in up to date trends. I love learning and have a huge determination that drives me forward, in both the brand and the business. I also try to spend time in the boutique getting to know customers, it’s my guilty pleasure, I love to interact with people as it allows me to learn about their opinions.

David’s day will be spent in his office keeping up to date with his various projects. He is involved in numerous property developments all over the world, and he uses all types of modern methods to keep in touch with his business partners, as they are all in different time zones.

David loves to cook, our evening meals are often prepared by him, and our evenings are spent with our sons, Chris and Dennis. It can be hard to leave business discussions at work, but we have a very active four year old and he takes up a lot of our time in the evenings, we try to limit our business conversations during family time.

I believe the great advantage of going into business with a spouse is being able to share knowledge, during brainstorming discussions together you can come up with the best ideas. I discuss my concerns with him because I know his extensive experience in business is invaluable. I massively admire David’s entrepreneurial achievements and we usually have a mutual opinion. There is nothing like sharing the payoffs of working together towards a common goal. As with marriage, communication is key and we discuss everything thoroughly together.

My advice to other aspiring entrepreneurs? I would encourage everybody to follow their dreams, and make sure that you look very carefully at all the disadvantages as well as the advantages. It is important that in your personal life, although it is bound to be wrapped up in the business, has to remain private and separate to ensure that you carry on with a happy partnership. 

Teodosia Lloyd is Creative Director at fashion brand Teo Lloyd

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