Checking mobiles in meetings ranked worst business etiquette fail

- Leadership - May 06, 2016 has revealed that being on a mobile phone during a meeting is the worst business etiquette blunder committed by businessmen and women.

First impressions are crucial in business, with potential customers often making their minds up within seconds of meeting someone on a business trip.  

Research released by reveals that a lack of understanding when it comes to business etiquette is impacting companies’ reputations worldwide, with 62 percent of business travellers confirming etiquette errors affect companies’ bottom lines. 

One-third (31 percent) of British business travellers admit to having committed a cultural faux pas when travelling internationally on business and half (47 percent) are worried they will unknowingly offend a client or business associate. 

Almost half (45 percent) of international business travellers have witnessed a colleague or business associates from other countries make a cultural slip-up – and seasoned business travellers from the UK are more likely to say they’ve witnessed colleagues and associates commit cultural faux pas than admit do doing so themselves.

The top five business etiquette blunders are:

  1. Being on a mobile device during a meeting (46 percent)
  2. Not greeting people appropriately (43 percent)
  3. Inappropriate attire (36 percent)
  4. Speaking loudly (32 percent)
  5. Not responding to emails within 24 hours (19 percent)

Globally, when it came to what people think are the biggest business etiquette faux pas, almost half (46 percent) of respondents feel that being on your mobile device during a meeting is the most offensive. 

Over half of British (57 percent) and American (55 percent) business travellers are most likely to say that being on a mobile phone is a complete no-no, while Japanese business travellers are less bothered by this error (30 percent).  

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