EU referendum: Toyota slams Vote Leave for ‘repeated misrepresentation’

- Leadership - Jun 20, 2016

Japanese carmarker Toyota has publicly denounced the Vote Leave campaign for misrepresenting its view on the upcoming referendum, telling its staff that EU membership benefits the company’s operations in the UK.

In a strongly worded letter to employees, Toyota stated its intention not to participate in the campaign – a stance that it says has not changed. However, by spelling out its belief that a remain vote represents its best interests, the company has, albeit inadvertently, publicly made its position clear.

It said: “We are sending this letter because we would like to put the record straight regards to Toyota’s position on the UK’s referendum on membership of the European Union (EU).

“As many of you have raised with us, there has been unfortunate and repeated misrepresentation of Toyota’s position by the Vote Leave and Leave.EU campaign groups in their communication which we have strongly and publicly objected to.”

It then goes on to state why staying in the EU would benefit its operations.

“We believe we will face significant business challenges as a result of a decision to withdraw from the EU…”

“Put simply our Burnaston and Deeside plants were built in the UK to make cars and engines for Europe. Therefore, open and free access to the European Market is of critical importance for our UK manufacturing business.”

The full text of the letter can be seen by downloading a PDF of the letter.  

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