Brexit: study reveals lack of CEO leadership in time of need

- Leadership - Jun 30, 2016

With employees turning to businiess leaders for inspiration and reassurance following the UK's decision to leave the European Union, CEOs are not providing the necessary leadership, a study by Prezi has revealed.

According to the study, unveiled as a precursor to a presentation event called Present, only 18 percent of employees found their CEO, or the leader of their company inspiring. However, workers are seeking inspiration and motivation elsewhere, with nearly half (44 percent) of the respondents stating that they look to colleagues for inspiration, rather than the head honchos.

For a third (35 percent) of the workers asked, this apathy stemmed from not hearing from business leaders on strategy or the company vision regularly. Other than lack of transparency, 55 percent of those surveyed said that when presentations on the direction of a company were given, it was repetitive and uninspiring. As such, 34 percent of the respondents felt underwhelmed with both the direction of their company, as well as their leaders’ ability.

The study also unveiled respondents’ attitudes towards presenting and how it impacted their day-to-day work. 80 percent of the participants agreed that the way their line managers presented tasks or business strategy had a direct impact on their motivation to do a good job. Looking at the respondents’ own ability to present, three quarters of those asked said they would achieve greater business impact if they presented better.

Spencer Waldron, co-organiser at Present and European regional manager of Prezi commented: “Delivering speeches and inspiring a workforce isn’t an easy task, however it is fundamental to achieve change, as well as retain good talent. Perhaps now more than ever, with the Brexit fallout, business owners and leaders need to take steps to engage their employees and secure their buy-in for the future.”

“78 percent of employees expect their leaders to tell a story about their brand. Leadership storytelling is about bridging the past and the future in the present. It's about sensitively weaving a story that refers to the past, enabling people to feel the present and be excited about the future. A great story can carry people along that journey.” 

This research coincides with the first annual ‘Present’ conference, exploring effective presentation techniques, taking place on July 13-15. The event will host expert speakers from Ted and Getty, as well as global authors and cognitive neuroscientists. For tips on conversational presenting or ways to motivate staff, please do get in touch.

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