Unexploded WWII bomb found at Volkswagen's Wolfsburg factory

- Leadership - Jul 12, 2016

German carmaker Volkswagen has uncovered an unexploded 1940s American bomb at its Wolfsburg headquarters.

VW is expanding the factory site and the 400-pound explosive was found during the early phases of construction. The company has confirmed that any danger has been averted and that nobody was harmed – production has also been unaffected.

The factory is no stranger to bombs and military equipment. Built in 1938, it made military vehicles for the German army during the Second World War and later became famous for creating the VW Beetle.    

Several unexploded bombs have been found in the area during the decades since 1945 – the site was a key target for American aircraft during the latter stages of the war. The factor sustained heavy damaged from US shells but remained largely operational throughout.

A local Wolfsburg news outlet reported that the bomb had easily been defused by experts. It also said that four fragments of bombs had been found last month, prompting the search.

Authorities urge extreme caution in these scenarios as despite being 70 years old, the ammunition is still dangerous and can explode if handled incorrectly. Volkswagen's Wolfsburg site employs around 60,000 people. The town itself has a population of around 125,000. Around 700 people were thought to be evacuated during the removal process. 

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