Top 10: Healthy restaurants and cafés in London

- Top 10 - Oct 04, 2016

With news that the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has been trying to 'name and shame' restaurants offering indulgent desserts as part of the government's war on obesity, we take a look at 10 of the best healthy restaurant and café businesses currently in London.

1. The Detox Kitchen

All food from The Detox Kitchen is completely free from wheat, dairy and refined sugar and all of the vegetables used are Grade 1 and 80 percent are grown in the UK, the fish used is sustainably farmed, all the meat used is free range from British farmers and they also don’t use any preservatives in their food. Their food is ideal for vegetarians and vegans and perfect for people who like clean-eating and detoxing.

“I believe that all food should be tempting and pleasurable to eat. This is at the heart of how we cook at the Detox Kitchen. First we aim to please the taste buds then we let the ingredients work their magic on your health and well-being.”

The Detox Kitchen has more than one location in London, it has delis on King Street and Mortimer Street and ‘grab & go’ ranges in Selfridges on Oxford Street and Covent Garden. It also has an online ordering service where it plans, puts together and then sends out meals and detox plans to you. They have two delivery windows to make sure that packages arrive at the best convenience for their customers.

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2. Tanya’s Café

Tanya’s Café is located in the heart of Chelsea and in Parson’s Green and it sells a completely organic menu. Tanya (who is a holistic coach), initially opened the café when she realised that there weren’t many choices for a raw or organic meal in the city.

Tanya’s Café has the only bar in Europe that mixes organic spirits with superfoods and cold-pressed juices.

Tanya’s Café only sells products that are completely raw, plant based, hand-picked, organically grown, ethically sourced, natural, gluten free and free from refined sugar and dairy products. The menu contains a selection of milks such as My Sweet Surrender (Raw cacao, activated almond milk, medicine flower extract, agave nectar, pink salt and vanilla) and food such as Avo Un-Toast (Nourishing soft dehydrated onion bread with avocado and chilli flakes), classic dishes like Lasagne and Soup of the Day.

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3. Nama

Nama is situated on Notting Hill and is a raw food restaurant. They offer raw food courses, catering, raw food cleanses, juice cleanses, and all different kinds of information about living a raw food lifestyle.

Foods that they sell include an Italian Pizza with seed cheese, caramelised onions and marinated mushrooms with a courgette and walnut base. Nama also sells day-by-day raw juice cleanses, smoothies and health foods including wraps, salads and pastas.

“Our sole aim is promoting wellbeing through nutrition. We believe in harnessing the power of natural food to create balanced, nourishing, life-enriching dishes that help you to attain greater levels of health, in both body and mind.”

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4. The Good Life Eatery

The Good Life Eatery is situated in Chelsea and Marylebone. They’re known for their simple foods that are very uncomplicated with their focus being “Simple. Clean. Fresh”. All the products that they sell can also be taken away or delivered to your door.

The Good Like Eatery was the first café that stocked cold-pressed juice. They make their juices with a custom made hydraulic press which extracts all of the vitamins, enzymes and minerals from the fruits and vegetables without losing any flavour or nutritious benefit. Juices that they sell include 100 percent Raw Coconut H2O, Pineapple Immunity, Dr. Green Love, Drink Your Salad and many more varieties.

Dishes at The Good Life Eatery include Matcha Me! (matcha chia seed pudding, homemade GF granola, coconut yogurt, homemade almond brittle, banana, and raspberry), So Fresh and So Clean (poached eggs, quinoa, kale, roasted sweet potato, omega seeds and basil cashew cream), Skinny Royal (poached eggs, smoked salmon, saffron yogurt, chives on whole grain or wheat free rye) and loads more.

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5. Farmer J’s

Farmer J’s is located at 107 Leadenhall Street. 90 percent of the food they sell is made on-site. The beef in their meals is prime meat and the ingredients used in the kitchen are all seasonal and sourced from quality high-welfare farms.

Food choices at Farmer J’s include the Acai Energy Bowl (Served with mixed fruit, almond milk, oats and coconut), Chicken and Avocado Sandwich (Grilled Free Range Chicken, Mayo, Cayenne Pepper, Avocado, Cucumber and Red Onion) and Roasted Sea Trout which is seasoned with Tamari and topped with Salsa Verde. The company also offers office catering around London.

Farmer J’s also has a wide variety of Smoothies and juices such as their Berry Protein Fuel (Almond Milk, Mixed Berries, Hemp Protein, Banana, Honey and Coconut Oil) and their Hail Kale Shake (Coconut Water, Pineapple, Apple, Kale, Ginger & Lemon) all of which are very popular.

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6. Raw Press

Raw Press opened in 2014. They have a café in the Wolf & Badger store in Mayfair and also have a juice ‘outlet’ in the Wolf & Badger store in Notting Hill.

All of their juices are raw, organic and cold-pressed. The cafés have a warm and inviting interior and have newspapers for you to browse through and free Wi-Fi.

They also offer a delivery service delivering raw food detox packages straight to your door.

“The Coffee & Mylk is wicked before a workout.” – Professor Green

“The Almond Mylk is one of the best things I’ve ever tasted; absolutely incredible.” – Ella Woodward or Deliciously Ella

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7. Juicebaby

Juicebaby is situated in the borough of Chelsea and sells organic foods and a variety of healthy juices. They also offer a food-to-go service so you can even have healthy food to take away with you.

They have a variety of juices on sale such as; Green Easy (Pineapple, cucumber, celery, seasonal leafy greens, lemon), Beet Boy (Carrot, beetroot, apple, lemon), Autumn Gold (Seasonal sweet apple) and many more. They also have a selection of milks such as Vanilla Almond and Creamy Cacao and you can also purchase ginger and Aloe Vera shots.

All of Juicebaby’s foods and drinks are handmade and they never pasteurise, water down or add sugar to any of their juices. They also don’t use dairy, eggs, gluten, soy, chemical additives or preservatives of any kind. They also don’t use cartons or cans, or serve any animal products as they want to encourage the consumption of plant-based foods.

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8. Grill Market

Grill Market was opened in 2014 and has stores in Holborn and Chelsea. The healthy café

Food sold at the Grill Market is ideal for people who want to eat healthily. Options include the Seared Steak & Caramelised Onions, the Harissa Marinated Halloumi and the Vegan Pesto Stuffed Field Mushrooms. They also sell drinks such as their Skin Enhancer (Avocado, apple, lime and ginger), Alkaliser (Kiwi, celery, lime, spinach and cucumber) and Green and Clean (Vegan protein, spinach, lime and cucumber). There are two different menus for the two different locations. So the food you get in Holborn will be different to the food on offer in Chelsea.

Grill Market also does an office delivery service and their Chelsea store is available on Deliveroo.

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9. Rude Health Café

Rude Health Café is located in Fulham on New King’s Road and is ideal for vegans, vegetarians and people who enjoy clean-eating. The café is London-based and was co-founded and led by Nick and Camilla Barnard.

The café only uses ingredients that normal everyday people would find in their kitchens. They don’t use anything artificial, nothing refined, no thickeners, stabilisers, sweeteners, preservatives, colourings, flavourings or any other additives.

Each of their drinks contain just five ingredients or less and are made with 100 percent  organic ingredients.

The menu at Rude Health Café changes every day so every time you go in, you’ll see and be able to try something new. They always have a Porridge of the Week on offer along with a selection of healthy toasts (such as sourdough and avocado) and cereals.

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10. SHOT

SHOT was founded by Asad Naqvi and Rahil Malik. It serves super quick, cleanly cooked food from their healthy eating spot in the city located on Bride Lane.

Everything that is sold at SHOT is made fresh on-site by their team of chefs and they do not add an item into the ingredients of a product unless it has proven benefits to your health. Their menu is 85 percent raw and 15 percent minimally processed ingredients.

SHOT only uses natural sugars, they don’t add any refined sugar into their products and they also only use clean cooking methods (grilling, steaming, stewing and water-bath cooking) with absolutely no cooking with oil.

They ensure that the meat and fish that is used in their dishes is non-GMO, hormone-free, antibiotic free and 100 percent traceable.

Items on their menu include Corgetti Noodle Salad, Chicken Hummus Wrap, Salmon Nori Wrap and many more food options as well as a variety of smoothies such as their Energy Smoothie as well as many different types such as Beauty, Protein and Endurance.

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