Top 10 fastest-growing companies in Europe

Andrew Woods
- Top 10 - Jan 05, 2018

Measuring growth in a company isn't always easy to do when there are so many factors that influence revenue and profits. This list is a compilation based on year-over-year (YOY) revenue growth from 2012 to 2015, offering a view of how the company has grown over time. Figures correct as of 2017.

10. Furniturebox — Sweden
Headquartered in Sweden, Furniturebox is a furniture company that was recently bought out by an investment enterprise called Bygghemma. This buy-out comes after Furniturebox's rapid growth of 3,157% YOY after turning the company into an ecommerce powerhouse. While most of the affordable furniture sold is via online, Furniturebox does have two brick-and-mortar stores located in Stockholm and Gothenburg. The company's operating profits were $30.77mn in 2015, which was a 60% jump from the year before.

9. FEO Media AB — Sweden
Specialising in interactive and educational mobile games, FEO Media managed to grow its revenue by 3,186%. Scoring a yearly revenue of more than $15.74mn, FEO Media has managed to attract a lot of customers with its trivia games and has managed to achieve 40mn downloads worldwide. The company was started by two pairs of brothers who were friends since childhood. It was their dream to use their diverse background (e.g., teacher, television producer, and programmer) to make software that connected with people.


8. Star Stable Entertainment — Sweden
Star Stable Entertainment has been putting girls at the centre of the gaming universe since 2011, creating fantasy worlds where gamers can ride horses to the adventure of a lifetime. Its 10mn registered users are what's behind the 3,230% revenue growth. With a yearly revenue of $11.3mn, the company is partially owned and operated by the founders, as well as Kima Ventures, Medge Consulting, and a number of private investors.

7. UKCloud — UK
The cloud has been nothing but a win-win situation for both providers and users alike, and the opportunities for revenue growth in IT services is undeniable. Hitting a YOY revenue increase of 3,440%, this IT services provider located outside of London made $47.24mn in 2015. The company has four original founders and was known as Skyscape Cloud Services until just last year. Its focus is on government organisations using the cloud for both convenience and safety. Cloud companies make it possible to manage complex data while mitigating the risk of a breach.

6. Cabonline — Sweden
Transportation has been one of the most controversial topics of the year as industry leaders debate the most efficient way to make it from one place to another. Cabonline has managed to create a technology that makes it easier for taxies in Europe to make more money. The company is no slouch itself when it comes to making money either, boosting their YOY revenue at a rate of 3,457%. The company has partnered with H.I.G. Capital investment, and manages around 20mn trips a year. It made $10.5mn in 2015 alone.

5. Balyasny Asset Management — UK
Balyasny Asset Management (BAM) is a financial services provider based out of London with a 3,469% revenue climb. The firm was co-founded by Taylor O'Malley and Scott Schroeder, and its movements are closely followed by outside investors for insight into a number of different markets. The company has boasted a revenue of $45.9mn for 2015, with major stakes in everything from Comcast to General Motors to Ralph Lauren. Not only has this company been expanding around the globe, it's also built a reputation as one of the best companies to work for.

4. Odeal — Finland
This HR company made quite a name for itself when it hit sales of $19.45mn and a revenue growth of more than 3,864%. The company helps everyone from entrepreneurs to students to freelancers take care of their business legally without any unnecessary hassle. This company's success gives also us insight into how the economy is changing, as more and more people in Europe move away from a traditional 9 to 5. A family-run business, this company has offices in Finland and abroad.

More Top 10s:

3. Martin Metals — Hungary
Martin Metals trades and sells aluminium, copper, chrome-nickel and zinc products across Europe, and their growth comes in at more than 3,954% and $19.2mn in revenue. The firm partially owns another aluminium plant in Hungary called INOTAL which produces electrical wiring and other aluminium products. Martin Metals also has another joint venture called SK Alutrade Kft, another trader of metal products. Finally, Martin Metals also has shares in Alumelt Engineering Kft, which is a company in Austria that specialises in melting equipment.

2. Le Petit Vapoteur — France
Smoking is more popular in Europe than the US, but the health warnings are starting to be heard loud and clear upon across the sea too. Selling vaping products for those who may be trying to quit the nasty habit, Le Petit Vapoteur has scored sales of $16.88 dollars and a revenue growth of just under 3,957% since its start in 2012. The company was founded by Olivier Dréan and Tanguy Gréard, and their success has been undeniable. With thousands of fans on social media and close to a 100% approval rating, this successful company has managed to connect with consumers who are looking for a healthier alternative.

1. Daniel Wellington AB — Sweden
Making some of the world's most coveted watches, Daniel Wellington AB tops the list at number one for 2017. The young entrepreneur who began the company managed to spike in revenue at a rate of 4,695% in the past three years. Selling around a million watches a year and operating out of 75 countries with 6,000 shops, Daniel Wellington has become a name synonymous with lust and luxury. Filip Tysander is still in his early 30s, and currently owns the entire company. Its yearly revenue for 2016 was $230 million.

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