Top 10 most expensive restaurants in Europe

Sam Musguin-Rowe
- Top 10 - Mar 09, 2018

One continent. Five nations. Ten restaurants. But which is the costliest? Business Chief finds out...

10. Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, London
The British gastronaut provides the UK’s sole offering to this list, with his salute to UK cuisine.

The nine-course ‘Chef’s Table’ experience, replete with service from chef director, Ashley Palmer-Watts, costs £225 ($320), but includes such culinary delights as earl grey tea cured salmon, spit roast pineapple the aptly titled ‘meat fruit’ (mandarin and chicken liver parfait). Bon appétit! 

Michelin rating: **

9. Le Pré Catelan, Paris
Located in the heart of the famous Bois de Boulogne park, chef Frédéric Anton promises “one-of-a-kind gourmet cuisine” to savour. Among its exquisite ‘Le Menu Du Pré’ which, considering it looks like it has been sculpted by Michelangelo, isn’t that exorbitant at €280 ($350).

Crab with French caviar, cod with seaweed, veal sweetbreads and, to finish, fig compote with praline and pecan cream.

Michelin rating: ***

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8. Pic, Drôme
Anne-Sophie Pic is one of only a handful of female chefs to run a Michelin three-star kitchen, and the ‘Essential Menu’ at her homely restaurant in France shows why.

Haute staples like veal, john dory, blue lobster and oysters are followed by modern desserts – white millefeuille, fig, dill and honey biscuits, plus barley beer liquorice and pear. Yours, for just €330 ($410).

Michelin rating: ***

7. Le Louis XV, Monte Carlo
The first of three entries for revered restaurateur, Alain Ducasse, Le Louis XV has seen foodies flock to Monaco’s l’Hôtel de Paris for more than a quarter of a century.

Although deservedly renowned for the rum baba, or garden vegetables with black truffle, the truly decadent (and, in Monte Carlo, decadence is essentially law) opt for the chef-picked ‘Gourmet Menu’, for €360 ($450).

Michelin rating: ***

6. B. Violier – Restaurant de l’Hôtel de Ville, Crissier
A mouthful of a name, a $420 sensation of taste. Franck Giovanni and his 25-strong team of chefs have curated a majestic, 11-course tasting menu in this swanky restaurant that valiantly flies the flag for Switzerland.

More than a fine dining experience, it is “a moment where luxury, magic and wellness come together”. 

Michelin rating: ***

5. Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée, Paris
‘Jardin-Marin’ (which, if you take Google at its word, translates as ‘Garden Submarine’) is Alain Ducasse’s celebration of all things natural.

The menu is ever-changing, although a strong focus on super-fresh, super-tasty sea produce – for the price of €390 ($485) – is all-but guaranteed. Staying over in the adjoining Plaza hotel is not required but, after all that grub, strongly advised.

Michelin rating: **

4. Arpège, Paris
The top-ranking Parisian restaurant in the 2017 World’s 50 Best Restaurants rundown.

Alain Passard is both chef and owner, and still runs the pass more than three decades since he opened Arpège’s doors (in 1986), proudly upholding the three Michelin star quality the establishment received 10 years later. The ‘Terre & Mer’ (land and sea) tasting menu will set you back €420 ($525).

Michelin rating: ***

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3. Guy Savoy, Paris
‘Colours, Textures & Flavours’ is the remit for the €415 ($515) tasting menu in Guy Savoy’s eponymous, flagship bistro.

Across 12-courses, expect a concassé of oysters, green and blue lobster, caviar with smoked sabayon, sweet spiced duck and, of course, Savoy’s famous artichoke soup with black truffle, plus plenty more besides.

Michelin rating: ***

2. Le Meurice Alain Ducasse, Paris
When the walls of the restaurant in which you are dining are lined with actual gold, you can safely assume the contents of your plate will be a) delicious and b) not for the faint of wallet.

Alain Ducasse’s iconic eatery preaches his concept of ‘Essential Cuisine’, with the current €450 ($560) ‘Chef’s Table’ menu including such essential items as Jerusalem artichokes, Ikejime line-caught sea bass, and frosted grapefruit with Sansho berries and aloe vera. 

Michelin rating: **

1. Sublimotion, Ibiza
On the one hand, this three-hour, multisensory dining extravaganza – that comprises “the best Spanish avant-garde cuisine and the most surprising and magical show” – is extortionately priced at €1,650 ($2,050) per head.

On the other, wine and champagne is included. Sat within Ibiza’s Hard Rock Hotel (yes, really), Michelin two-starred chef, Paco Roncero, showcases his 20-course ode to molecular gastronomy for a tiny cast of 12 diners each night.

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